Truck Finance

Thinking of buying a Trucks? You already know they do are not cheap. Whether you are buying your first truck or you are adding to your fleet, it will cost you hundreds of thousands to get just one truck. That is not something many people can afford to pay in cash, and if you do, using it to buy a truck is not be the best way to spend your money. It is better to use financing when purchasing a commercial truck except the interest rate is higher, thus making the total cost much more than you’ll get if you use your capital.

That said, there is a higher chance that you don’t even have the capital to make such outright purchase, which means you need truck financing if you’re going to start your trucking business or expand your fleet at the suitable and favourable time. 

There are multiple ways through which you can secure the financing for trucks; you have the option of approaching traditional lenders such as commercial banks for loans; this process will likely take some time, and your chance of success depends on your credit score, the higher, the better. Even then, traditional lenders will request for collateral before granting such a high-value loan. The better alternative is to get your truck financing through Central Truck.

We help our customers to secure different financing options that can be used to acquire the truck of their choice and expand their business. We partner with lenders who finance trucks for businesses at a very favourable rate. As experts within the trucking industry, we understand how valuable a truck can be to your business, so we ensure you get the best trucks manufactured by reputable brands.

We have a team of financial experts who are familiar with all forms of financing and work with you all the way to ensure you get the most suitable.

Our lending partners provide various financing services such as:

Hire Purchase

There are various hire-purchase options available for our customers; these let them possess the truck at first and then pay for it in instalments over an agreed period which can be as long as five years or more. You are only required to pay a low initial deposit that constitutes a small percentage of the truck’s price. The interest rates on the loans are low and competitive while the financing terms are very flexible, as your financial position duly considered during the negotiations stage. Hire purchase agreement has a low monthly payment, and interest rate that is fixed during the negotiations, so knows how much you will pay each month and plan your finances to maintain your cash flow. After completing all stipulated terms and conditions in the hire purchase agreement, ownership of the truck is transferred to you. You should not that hire purchase is limited to brand new trucks; you can also use hire-purchase to finance used trucks.

Lease Finance

Leasing allows you the freedom and flexibility to use a truck without owning it. Its major advantage is that you can easily upgrade or replace your truck, and in certain instances, the lease agreement can also include an option to buy the truck for a nominal fee after a period. This is not the same as hire purchase where you have an obligation to buy. You only pay for monthly use when you lease a truck, and you don’t have to bother about the ownership of the property. This makes it economical for businesses that only need a truck on a temporary basis. More information on truck lease


You can restructure an existing financing agreement to make room for more acquisitions and get a new loan. On the other hand, refinancing can be achieved when you use the truck you own already as security for your truck loans.

With the various options available, there is plenty of room for flexibility and making the most suitable decision for you and your business. Whichever options you choose; it is our duty at Central Truck to help you get the right financing for your truck. You can get financing for both used and new trucks, try us today.

Why Choose Us

The terms of each financing agreement are flexible and can be structured to fit your peculiar financial position
  • Our team include expert mechanics and financial gurus who are committed to finding the right finance for you
  • The Interest rate remains constant throughout the loan duration, so expect no surprises. Find the best rates here for truck loans accross many loan products
  • Wide Range of finance products ensures that you find the suitable option for you
  • The monthly repayments are low and let you have positive cash flow throughout the loan term.
  • Expert recommendations to guide your decisions from start to finish.
  • No Hidden or secret charges on your loans, all our businesses are conducted in the open.
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