Unlike other vehicles, a truck requires constant servicing to function efficiently. That's why we provide our customers with comprehensive servicing to ensure their trucks are in the best shapes at all times. Servicing your truck not only makes them efficient, but it also saves you the money that you will spend when an unmaintained truck breaks down, and the logistic nightmare that can be for your business. Our mechanics are expert in all types of trucks and carry out a comprehensive check on all parts of your truck during servicing. They ensure every part is in working order and they are able to achieve this because every servicing is done with a checklist. Through regular servicing, we ensure that your truck complies with all emission laws and maintains its roadworthiness.
Why Us

All Types of Trucks

We service all types of trucks, both the light ones and the heavy ones and where you want, we can help you to service your entire fleet at once too.

Flexible Scheduling

we understand how important your trucks are to your business, so we service them within the shortest time possible. Decades of experience and continued expertise has made our technicians adept with working thoroughly and efficiently within the shortest time frame.

Manufacturer Approved

Many top manufacturers of truck endorse our services. This is due to a reputation created from long term delivery of quality servicing for their trucks. When you bring your truck to us, you're guaranteed that your truck would be in much better shape with an engine as efficient as new when you pick it up.


We are available for servicing anywhere. Although most truckers bring their truck to our workshop, we also do onsite servicing if you have many trucks to service and you don't want to bring them all over. This is done at an extra but still very affordable cost.

Standard equipment

one of the secrets behind quality maintenance services for trucks is proper diagnosis. At Central Truck, we use world-class equipment and latest technology to identify and solve the problems of your truck. These tools are not just hardware but also software diagnostics tools that perform a full review of all parts of your truck. Once the problems are identified, they are attended to and rectified.

Professional and Experienced Team

We have an expert team of technicians and mechanics who are well versed in servicing all types of trucks brands such as Isuzu, Mack, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Fuso, Freightliner, Daf, etc. Years of experience servicing and repairing trucks has made it easy for them to diagnose problems in your truck, and all the identified problems can be easily fixed with servicing.

Flexible payment plan

We can help you structure a payment plan for the maintenance services, thus letting you get your truck serviced even when you are short on cash since you will pay later. The payment plan is designed based on your financial conditions and makes room for personal preferences.