Central Truck sells spare parts for trucks, trailers, and other heavy vehicles. We carry original spare parts for premium brands all over the world, so the quality of our products is guaranteed. Instead of having to import the spare parts you need or going from one supplier to another, we stock a wide range of spare parts for all types of trucks, so you will find all you are looking for in one place and reduce the risk and costs of long transport.
We sell parts such as
Engine Parts

You will find high quality and original engine parts from premium manufacturers of trucks, trailers, and other heavy vehicles. Our range of truck engine parts is broad enough for you to find all you need to rebuild engines.

Heavy Equipment Spare parts
  • Are you looking for high-quality equipment spare parts to use for your construction machine, then Central Truck is the best place to come to. We deal in heavy spare parts such as construction equipment parts, backhoe parts, wheel loader parts, caterpillar replacement parts, backhoe loader, excavator parts, motor graders, etc. We have heavy-duty spare parts for trucks such as Volvo, Caterpillar, Iveco, Isuzu, Mack, Man, Scania, Renault, etc.
Brake systems parts
  • You can find quality spare parts for the brake systems of your trucks at Central Truck. All these parts bare the Branding of leading manufacturers, and they are available at competitive prices
  • Other spare parts in our stock include Air brake parts, clutch parts, calliper repair kits, body and cabin parts, electrical parts, compressor parts, fuel and exhaust parts, front and rear axle, hydraulic pump, steering parts, propeller shaft parts, gearbox parts, suspension parts, etc.
Why Us

Our spare parts service delivers on the same quality that all our services are known for. Given the stress and pressure that trucks and other heavy vehicles undergo, parts are subject to more wear and tear. Hence, the need to replace worn out parts as soon as you can. When looking for replacement parts, our service stands due to multiple reasons, such as:

Product Range

We offer a variety of products to take care of your truck needs. Whether you are repairing or just routine maintenance, there are always parts of a truck that will need replacements, you can trust us to have the exact replacement you need.

Warranty on all products

We don't compromise the quality of our products, and we are confident of their reliability and usefulness for the purpose you need it for. To give you peace of mind on the products too, we offer warranties on all our products.

Competitive Prices

Our products are always available at affordable prices. Our priority is not just to make a profit but also satisfy our customers' needs, so we ensure our products are worth every dime spent on them.

Fast delivery time

You can order spare parts from anywhere in Australia and have it delivered to you in the shortest time. So you can trust our service, even during emergencies.