Equipment Financing

The trucking industry is all about vehicles and the right trucking equipment. To stay relevant within the industry, you need to upgrade your equipment as the technology improves and you have to make sure you get quality Equipment all the time. Unfortunately, all these require huge capital layout, which is not readily available most times. Identifying your business need for improvement and being unable to make the necessary improvement because of lack of funds can be heart-breaking personally and affect the growth of your business. But you don’t have to experience this; you can use financing to get the needed equipment and improve your business.

At Central Truck, equipment financing is one of our core services. We help truck owners and business to access the right financial products for improving their service and expanding their business. In a world where financial resources are limited, the inability to access these resources when needed can be an impediment to business growth. We serve as financial matchmakers by connecting our clients to lenders with interest in the trucking industry. These lenders are recognised brands that we have vetted before entering into a partnership with them, and we are assured that they represent the same ideal as we do.

Our service delivery is based on four guiding principles 

Our goal is to provide quality service at all times, and we show our commitment to this in our actions. Every decision we make is carefully calculated to satisfy your needs.

We encourage open communication in all our dealings. Our team is trained to listen to ensure we comprehend your tastes and needs and explain in clear and concise terms so you can understand us too.

  • With us, honesty is not just the best policy; it is the only policy. We give you all the necessary information for before you make any decision and ensure that you have a complete understanding.

We are not just looking to close a deal and move to the next one; we want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, and this mindset dictates how we interact with you. Our staff are friendly and ensure you have an overall great experience.

Benefits of Equipment Financing

The most significant benefit of equipment financing is that it allows you to purchase or lease equipment even when you don’t have the capital. But this is not the only benefit; other advantages include:

  • It allows you to preserve your cash flow as you can use any capital you have for other purposes that will be more beneficial for your business.
  • Most equipment financing methods do not ask for collateral. The equipment secures itself.
  • Equipment financing is more tax efficient.
Why You Should Get Equipment Financing Through Us

If you run a company that operate a fleet of trucks or need various trucking equipment, you can secure financing for all the equipment and tools you need, at a very reasonable rate. As long as you have a strong credit score, you are good to go.

The Repayment structure is drafted in such a way that you can meet payments deadlines and fulfil every other obligation you may have financially. It can be spread over months, and even years, this ensures that your repayment is fixed at a low rate and there is no burden. to help here is a great online equipment finance calculator.

  • The whole financing, from application to when it is approved, takes only a few days. Thus, you can secure the necessary financing and start using the equipment within a short time. There are no lengthy processes or needless stress that you will usually encounter when you use a traditional lender or decide to handle the whole process yourself. Documentation is straightforward and without any hassle, and we handle all the logistics and compilation. Before you know it, you have your equipment ready to use.

We partner with flexible lenders who are not rigid when it comes to the requirements and conditions you must meet to qualify for financing. A low credit score is not automatic disqualification as we look at other factors such as employment status, income, etc. which determines your ability to pay back the loan or meet the terms of the financing.  

Various methods are available for financing any equipment you wish to get. You can lease the equipment, take it on hire purchase, buy it directly, and a variety of other methods. All your requirements, demands, and needs will be considered, and the terms would be tailored to meet your exact demands. 

Our partners include many non-traditional and traditional lenders and that give you multiple options as to which lender you will prefer. Where a lender offers terms that are not attractive enough, you can always find another one willing to give you the perfect deal. look to this website for current equipment finance rates.

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