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Central Truck Sales is an Australian truck dealership devoted to selling new and used trucks of various brands and models from top manufacturers all over the world. Regardless of the type or size of the truck you are looking for, you will find it in our stock. We also sell original spare parts from truck manufacturers and provide maintenance and repair services for all trucks.
What we do

Truck Sales

Our stock includes quality trucks from brands such as Daf, Iveco, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Sino, and many other top manufacturers all over the world. We supply trucks of various types, make, and models, and you can rest assured that you will find your preferred truck in our inventory. Both new and used trucks are available, so you have unlimited options as to what you want. In choosing the trucks we stock, the quality and durability are paramount, and various manufacturers accredit us. So if you are looking for special trucks, heavy-duty trucks, semi-trucks, and all other types of commercial cabs, you know where to look. Learn More.


We also sell different spare parts for trucks. The truck manufacturers produce the spare parts in our stock, so you can get the perfect replacement for the damaged or spoilt part of your truck. You don't have to worry about settling for the next best thing when it comes to spare parts; the best is available here. Learn More.


We love trucks just as much as you do; this is why provide maintenance services to ensure your truck is always in good shape all the time. Buying a quality truck is not enough if you don't maintain it properly. In fact, the most durable and reliable truck will break down and disappoint you if you don't maintain it properly. Trucks require servicing from time to time, and this servicing is not something that any roadside mechanic can do. Most times, you need an accredited mechanic to properly service your truck in line with the manufacturers' guidelines; doing it in any other way compromises the quality of your truck and can cause permanent damage. At Central Truck, we have company-trained and accredited mechanics who understand the intricacies of your truck and the correct way to service it. Learn More.


Looking for the right truck finance services? Well, don't look further. We provide both truck and equipment financing services to help you acquire your truck and furnish the right pieces of equipment needed for your business. We have you covered on all fronts. Learn more.


A truck is a major investment, and it must be protected as such. Finding the perfect insurance company with the right premiums and coverage can be quite complicated. We have helped you simplify it. Learn more.

Why Us
When it comes to picking the right truck dealership to buy your truck and get other truck-related services, we stand out as the right choice for many reasons, these include

At Central Truck, our goal is to give you a great experience whenever you visit us, and our team is on-ground to ensure that. Whether you are buying a truck or bringing in your truck for service, they are always ready to attend to your concerns and needs. Our staff is trained to listen and understand, and they will help through the way. From the serene environment with smiles on the face of every team member you meet, you are in for a fun, rewarding, and positive experience.

  • Imagine a dealership where you can get all truck-related services, now stop imagining because one exists. Central Truck provides all the services that a truck owner may need, from the sale of trucks, spare parts, servicing, financing, and insurance. We operate as a one-stop-shop for truck owners and those planning to own a truck. You can get all the quality and trusted services you need in one place; nothing can beat that.

Our new and used trucks are sold at competitive prices, and all our services are available at affordable prices. Regardless of the price, the quality of our products and services remains world standard, and we ensure we apply industry standards in our services and sell only excellent products by manufacturers known for quality.

About Us
We are an Australian based truck dealership that sells different types of new and used trucks from top brands all over the world. We also sell spare parts and provide servicing, insurance, and financing services for truck owners.